IPV6 Usage

Every device that is connected on the internet has an unique identifier. This identifier is called an IP address. Up to a couple of years ago there were enough IP addresses for the amount of devices in the world. Also tricks like NAT allowed you to use more devices with just one IP address. However, the IP addresses have ran out.
So IPv6 was introduced, it has an almost unlimited amount of IP addresses available. The only drawback that it is not compatible with IPv4 (the old standard).
The statistics below show how many websites are accessable if you have an IPv6 IP address only.
To generate these statistics we have accessed the DNS records of all the websites in our database. We counted the number of websites that resolve for a basic IPv6 request.
IPv6 Penetration
IPv6 Penetration per tld (currently)
# Tld Percentage
IPv6 penetration per country, all country tlds are grouped together to the top country tld. (.org.mx, .com.mx => .mx)
IPv6 Penetration per country (currently)
# Tld Country Percentage