TLDs from Tajikistan
Tld Domain count
.tj 390
.com.tj 4
.gov.tj 1
.nic.tj 1
Where are *.tj websites hosted?
In what countries are *.tj websites hosted?
IPv6 Penetration.
What percentage of domains support IPv6?
-3.76% of world average in IPv6 Penetration
HTTPS Usage.
How many *.tj websites enforce encryption?

-15.41% of world average in HTTPS usage
GZip Usage.
How many *.tj websites use gzip compression?

11.5% of world average in Gzip usage
Dashes in domains.
How many *.tj websites use dashes in the domain?
(eg. cheap-hotels.tj)
-7.08% of world average in Domains with dashes
Email Hosting.
Most popular email hosting solutions for *.tj domains.

*.tj Website analysis

Flash Usage.
How many *.tj websites still use flash?
-0.6% of world average in Flash usage
Html size.
What is the average frontpage html size for *.tj websites?
Facebook App Usage.
Do *.tj domains use Facebook?
-1.72% of world average in Facebook App usage
iOS app usage.
Do *.tj domains like to advertise an iOS app on mobile websites?
0.81% of world average in iOS App on mobile
Rich Tags Usage.
Do *.tj websites use Rich tags?
-28.25% of world average in Rich tags usage