TLDs from Poland
Tld Domain count
.pl 78,830
.com.pl 7,333
.edu.pl 1,122
.org.pl 971
.net.pl 839
.waw.pl 590
.info.pl 393
.gov.pl 231
.wroclaw.pl 218
.sklep.pl 216
.szczecin.pl 199
.rzeszow.pl 143
.opole.pl 122
.katowice.pl 117
.olsztyn.pl 107
.biz.pl 103
Where are *.pl websites hosted?
In what countries are *.pl websites hosted?
IPv6 Penetration.
What percentage of domains support IPv6?
-6.9% of world average in IPv6 Penetration
HTTPS Usage.
How many *.pl websites enforce encryption?

-4.06% of world average in HTTPS usage
GZip Usage.
How many *.pl websites use gzip compression?

-1.32% of world average in Gzip usage
Dashes in domains.
How many *.pl websites use dashes in the domain?
(eg. cheap-hotels.pl)
1.34% of world average in Domains with dashes
Email Hosting.
Most popular email hosting solutions for *.pl domains.

*.pl Website analysis

Flash Usage.
How many *.pl websites still use flash?
2.24% of world average in Flash usage
Html size.
What is the average frontpage html size for *.pl websites?
Facebook App Usage.
Do *.pl domains use Facebook?
-0.07% of world average in Facebook App usage
iOS app usage.
Do *.pl domains like to advertise an iOS app on mobile websites?
-0.22% of world average in iOS App on mobile
Rich Tags Usage.
Do *.pl websites use Rich tags?
-4.19% of world average in Rich tags usage