Deprecated Tags

Some HTML tags have been marked obsolete for a while now. They were part of an older standard of HTML and will stop working in the near future. Websites that still use these HTML tags will eventually be deformed as web browsers will drop the support for these ancient and deprecated tags.
These statistics are collected from the HTML source of the websites that are in our database.
Deprecated HTML Tags still in use
# HTML Tag Percentage
1 <font> 8.39%
2 <center> 7.75%
3 <u> 2.99%
4 <s> 0.47%
5 <strike> 0.22%
6 <menu> 0.17%
7 <applet> 0.02%
8 <basefont> 0.01%
9 <dir> 0.01%
10 <isindex> 0%