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With the introduction of PHP7 a while ago we should see a major shift from PHP5 to PHP7 soon. Here at NetTrack we now follow this trend with our new PHP statistics. You can see for each PHP version how popular they are over time. Click here to read more. You can also checkou ... Read more
I've added a new statistic to NetTrack : Site Builder Popularity. The Meta tag "Generator" is exactly made for this. The site scanner now searches and extracts this information on a monthly basis. Check out the graphs here. Of course not all websites use this tag, so these s ... Read more
Let's Encrypt, the organisation that offers free SSL certificates (those things that make your website secure with https://) is growing fast. In 2 months they have taken over 3% of the market and there is no stopping them, people are switching m ... Read more
NetTrack now also tracks the most popular words you can use for your domain names. For each domain extension (TLD) I have done a match against a dictionary in the language best suited for that TLD. I found out that the .com TLD words “free”, “tech”, “best” and “porn” are the most popular to prefix a .com domain. This shows that .com has be ... Read more
Almost 43% of all the websites in our survey are hosted in the United States of America. When I started this survey I kind of had a hunch who would win this. But never would I have guessed by this much. Nobody comes close, the 2nd place is taken by Germany with ~7% of the market, nice try... ... Read more
We are so used to do everything on the internet. The days of going to some government office are long gone. You expect that you can access the information from your computer. When you deal with your government online you kind of expect that they provide a secure and private browsing experience. The last thing you want is that someone can se ... Read more
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A couple of months ago I just started to write a script out of boredom. What if I would scan the top million websites and extract some info from them? Scraping websites, accessing DNS records, checking SSL certificates, etc. It could all be automated. Before I knew it I was looking at raw data in my database and some of the things I saw ther ... Read more