This website collects anonymous data about websites, domains, tld and other internet services and presents you them in pretty graphs. The statistics are updated continuously.
USA Tld Statistics
Unpopular hosting locations
Most people host their websites in the country they live in, but where do people prefer to host abroad?
Generic Statistics
Our ever growing database of domains is being updated continuously.
HTTPS should be the default for all websites that handle personal information. Google loves websites with HTTPS as well. Still only very few website encrypt communications.
Open Graph
Open Graph rich tags are used by search engines and social networks to better understand your content.
Internet Explorer
Internet explorer historically needed css adjustments because Microsoft would not care to make their browsers compatible with the web standards. We detect how many websites still use special code specifically for IE.
Site Builders
By detecting the generator meta tag we can see what site builders are popular.
Powered By
Which HTTP Pre-Processor is the most popular?
HTTP/2 Statistics
HTTP/2 is the next big thing, how many websites support this new protocol?
Hosting Countries
For every website in our database we detect where they are hosted, it is interesting to see that some countries host almost all their websites abroad.
Adobe Flash
Flash is dead, only a few websites (and countries) use it.
Facebook apps
Facebook is a popular source of traffic. Many websites use the like buttons and single login features. We detect if a website has defined their Facebook AppId in the html.
MX Servers
For each domain we detect where they have hosted their email accounts. So you can clearly see who are the big players.
SSL Wildcard Certificates
Wildcard SSL Certificates are used by companies that need to encrypt many domain names.
Bad Webcrawlers
Which webcrawlers/spiders are banned most often by the robots.txt?
Deprecated HTML Tags
How many websites are still using these old HTML Tags?
PHP Versions
Which PHP version is the most popular?
SSL Certificate Issuers
What companies or organizations give out the most SSL Certificates?.
HTTP Server Software
What web server software is the most popular.
IPv6 support for websites should be 100% in a perfect world, but our statistics show that very few websites support it.
HTTP Gzip Compression
Gzip compresses the data sent from the website to the webbrowser, it just makes browsing websites much faster and it saves bandwidth.
iOS Apps
Websites often also have a iOS app, we detect how many websites use the official iOS tag to advertise their app on mobile devices.
Domain Dash
Often the most useful domains are already taken. How many websites actually use a dash in their domain name instead?
Average HTML Size
Does the average HTML size of a front page change over time?
Meta Keywords Usage
Do websites still use Meta keywords now that Google ignores them?